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Ancient Theater, Kourion

Ancient Theater, Kourion

Kourion (Greek: Κούριον) or Latin: Curium, is an ancient Greek city on the southwestern coast of Cyprus, the surrounding Kouris River Valley being occupied from at least the Ceramic Neolithic period (4500-3800 BCE) to the present. The most significant excavated remains on the acropolis of Kourion are dated to the Hellenistic to Early Byzantine periods. In the mid-1st century Christianity was introduced to Kourion, presumably by Saints Paul and Barnabas during Paul’s first missionary journey.

Despite the scorching heat at noon, we walk around the theater and enjoy the spectacular views of the sea shore below. In every corner Paress asks: “Daddy, is this new? Is that new?” She is pointing to the modern spotlights, to the modern stage, the aluminum rail bars. “No honey, there was no electricity back then, 2500 years ago”. I think she is now beginning to grasp the notion of 2500 years of history …

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