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Family Reunion, Zygi

Family Reunion, Zygi

  • Author: Al Poullis
  • Date Posted: Aug 8, 2015
  • Category:
  • Address: Zygi, Cyprus

Quite the moving reunion. How not to! I saw cousins I haven’t seen for ages. I saw their kids that grew up. Spent the night with my daughter Aliki and her friend.

My dad was happy. He showed us his wonderful tree-garden. Perivoli. Fig trees, lemon trees, even cactus. I was very happy to be there at his 80th birthday.

My mother was ecstatic! Such a family gathering it has been. Nearly everyone was there. Really sorry for those who missed it. C’est la vie.

Loved the walk to the sea-side in the middle of the night, in the dark. Remember: Always have your flashlight with you! lol! Sorry, I have no photos of our encounter with the porcupine. The young ones will remember through the years, I am sure.

We even examined the huge adjacent lot. I hope we are able to do something with it down the road.

I love you all. It’s been awesome to see you all and reconnect.

Please be well, all of you, until next time.