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Reunion with the Poullis clan

Reunion with the Poullis clan

  • Author: Al Poullis
  • Date Posted: Aug 10, 2015
  • Category:
  • Address: Nicosia Cyprus

Last time I was in Cyprus, 6 years ago, my dear cousin Sophocles was not even married just yet. This time around he is happily married with his beautiful wife Anastasia, and two kids where running around, with a third one on the way. Quite vivid reminders of the passing of time. Congrats guys and, Sophocles, thank you again for that memorable evening at the soccer match! Paress keeps talking about that experience!

So nice to see Akis and Lena and Maria too, nothing really changed – I love you all! Too bad Marios Poullis and his family were not there. I wish them well and I hope to see them next time.

And a huge “thank you” to Dinos Poullis the expert agriculturist, for the new cucumber seeds. I will let you now of the results the upcoming years. Thank you for the tips too – swap the position of the plants each year – ha, who would knew!

Please take care of yourselves and your families and see you next time. The invitation is open – whoever wants to visit us in Canada.