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Back in Time

Back in Time

  • Author: Al Poullis
  • Date Posted: Aug 1, 2015
  • Category:
  • Address: 8, Antifanous str, Athens Greece

It was part of the plan this time around to go walk in the streets of Zografou, where I lived during my studies here in Athens, 30 years ago.

Time stood still. I did too, trying to understand what changed. It was the trees! Or so I thought. Still, they are now 30 years older.

A lot of shops closed down. Crisis everywhere. Nevertheless, cafes with tables right on the sidewalk, still in every corner.

I visited Antifanous 8, where I spent my first year here in Athens during my studies. The times with my cousin Marios and Elena, the gypsy with the bear on Sunday mornings, our discussions and analysis on a variety of subjects until dawn, cousins Marina and Sophia, and Charis and Antonis Pafitis – all unfolding in front of my eyes…

Abydou 36 was my host for the remaining of my studies in Athens. It was a brand new building 30 years ago. Somehow, I expected to see something similar. It`s funny how images are stuck in our mind. The building aged. The images however are still everywhere. Time stood still.

Late in the afternoon my journey took me to my cousin Helen Kontemeniotis – Kassesian. So much to say, so many years to catch-up. So happy to meet her family too, after so many years. I was stunned to see her younger daughter, Mima, now 30-something. Last time I saw her she was …5! What a beautiful young lady!

By midnight I was back at Zografou area, and intercepted my buddy Spyros. My brother-in-arms. My comrade. My brother. We go back 30 years. Nothing changed. Only his mother is now gone, my dear Mrs Foula, who had me like her own son during my studies. May she rest in peace.

Σπύρο, μου λείπεις.