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Loutraki, Heraion

Loutraki, Heraion

A place touched by Gods!

On the way from Aigion we stopped at the Isthmus of Korinth, a canal that creates a passing between Peloponisos and mainland Greece.

En route we witnessed yet another effect of the crisis: Public works interrupted and places not long ago steaming with life from workers building new roads, now standing still, as if time stopped. Shocking reminder of the country is going through.

At Heraion I had an incredible experience with the full moon coming up from behind the rocks. I thought I was Greek. Now I am a Hellen. I felt the ancients coming with their ship from across, in Korinth, in that small, magic cove to the temple of Hera, wife of Zeus, right next to the water. A place truly touched by Gods. All the Philosophy, the discoveries, everything they gave the world, it’s of no surprise. Humans in Nature and vice versa. Inspiring and revealing. They knew…