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Paress attends her first live soccer match

Paress attends her first live soccer match

  • Author: Al Poullis
  • Date Posted: Aug 4, 2015
  • Category:
  • Address: Nicosia Cyprus

What a day that was! Cyprus soccer champions APOEL of Nicosia was facing the Danish champions in Nicosia, for the UEFA Champions’ League 3rd qualifying round.

Huge “thank you” to my cousin Sophocles¬†Poullis, who arranged for our tickets and drove us to the GSP stadium. Paress will never forget his words: “This is a gift for my niece”.

Back home I watch the FIFA World cup together with Paress – one of the bonding things we do together. Imagine her excitement – this was her first attendance to a live match, ever!

She loved it! Reactions from the fans, mechanics of the game, action in the sidelines, the fact we were so close to the pit. People¬†in Cyprus are crazy when it comes to soccer. (Well, there is passion throughout, but when it comes to soccer it becomes …insanity!) And Paress felt it. And we carved another piece of memory together…

Thank you, Sophocles.