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The Rock – The Akropolis

The Rock – The Akropolis

Mission Accomplished!

It was one of the prime objectives of this trip: My daughter, at 12, to build memories that will last a lifetime up on The Rock. Today, she has experienced the awe of standing behind the Parthenon, up on that magnificent Rock, the Akropolis (“The edge of the City”).

Big “thank you” to the Admiral who accompanied us and to Apostolos who drove us downtown Athens. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to Eleni, for patiently and masterfully guiding Paress throughout this Journey at the Akropolis Museum. Eleni, your  in-depth knowledge, style and tactics are impressive to say the least, and very inspiring. Thank you.

Paress had a blast! I asked repeatedly throughout the day: “What did you like the most?” to always get the same response: She fell in love with The Ladies (The Karyatides), and she couldn’t get over the fact that 50-60% of the Parthenon sculptures were stolen by the British, who refuse to return them to their natural home to this day, and instead keep them in the British Museum.

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