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What lies around the bend

What lies around the bend

Pearson International Airport, Toronto ON, Canada

  • Author: Al Poullis
  • Date Posted: Jul 23, 2015
  • Category:
  • Address: Toronto Pearson International Airport, Infield Tunnel Road, Mississauga, ON L4W 1S9, Canada

What lies around the bend?

Getting the story from the media is sometimes vastly different from what really happens in reality.

Greece is in shambles. Grexit, drahma, YES, NO, then both together – it’s endless it seems.

As I embark on this epic journey in Greece and Cyprus, I cannot help but to think about the people on the ground. At the end of the day people are the ones who pay the price.

My little girl Paress will be waiting for me at the airport, she said. I know she is anxious. Well, our Great Experiment with my beautiful wife Jeannie is now well underway: “Let’s give Paress the chance to spend some time away from us”. Far away. Well, almost! Facetime keeps her closer. Sort of.

I felt it was time for her to climb the Rock and “feel” the Parthenon. Time to swim in the waters of Cyprus I know so well since I was a boy. Smell the aromas of Hellas. At 12, I am sure we are creating memories that will last a lifetime, mold and shape her. Amazing tool the “memories”…

In Cyprus, we are even planning to watch a soccer match together! A European Champions League game, thank you very much! Then again, it’s not about the game. It’s about the experience, and how we will own it together.

We are landing in Athens shortly, and it’s time to pack here. A 10 hr trip. Pfff! And on the way to the airport yesterday with Denis, (thanks buddy for the ride and for your friendship) we were chatting in amazement about the recent Pluto fly-by and the 8 minutes is takes for signals to come back to earth. Pluto – Earth: 8 light-minutes. Toronto – Athens:  10 hrs. Go figure! Oh Zeus, God of Gods, help me keep my sanity in this world of “know-it-alls”. How far behind we still are, yet we pretend we … “know”.

I really don’t know what’s around that Bend during my three weeks in the Mediterranean. But I will surrender, immerse and see where this Journey takes us. With Paress, I will keep you posted through this website.