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With family and friends at Kalyvia

With family and friends at Kalyvia

  • Author: Al Poullis
  • Date Posted: Jul 30, 2015
  • Category:
  • Address: Kalyvia THorikou Greece

A huge “Thank you” to theio Dimitris and theia Sophia Kontis for their hospitality at Kalyvia. Your children and their families are so lucky to have you.

The twins Rania and Amanda, along with their husbands Dionysis and Thodoris made the difference. Thank you for your love and care for Paress, for taking her to the beach, for showing her Karyes and Tripoli. She was ecstatic!

The children in the triplex, OMG, what a beautiful playground – you have something really special there, a true oasis in the midst of this insane crisis. You have each other.

Big “thank you, Sir”, to Thodori’s father, a simple but very rich man, who arrived with his own catch of octopus as he found out I love that meze. Your authentic tip of savoring the juice and mixing it with tsipouro goes with me back to Canada. Through you, another piece of real Greece will travel far and beyond.

All-in-all, amazing people, a children’s playground, friendships, family. Thank you all for opening your home for us and for your love. We are waiting for you back in Canada.